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Hassle Free Warranty

Returns can be a hassle.

We don’t have to tell you that twice. But now, through an ASA Electronics partnership, we are going so far as to say we’re taking the stress work out of product returns. That’s right...Effortless Returns!

Effortless Returns!

You’ll get:

  • ASA troubleshooting technicians ready to solve any issues.
  • Customer’s problems solved quickly and effectively.
  • Easy return- receive a replacement unit and a return call tag.
  • Immediate shipment of your replacement unit- within 24 hours!
  • Labor Reimbursement paid within 2 weeks.

It’s that easy! Plus, it will save you both time and money! We all know we can handle more of that in our lives. So, take advantage of the ASA Program today and make your returns EFFORTLESS!

Be sure to check out our easy to understand Flowchart displaying the steps for a return!

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