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Advent rooftop air conditioners exceed the RV industry standards. Our units consistently average a 10% greater cooling capacity than the current 13.5K or 15K ratings when tested to ARI standards. What does this mean to you? On average, the 13.5K now produces 15K BTU cooling capability and the 15K generates 16.5K BTU. Advent also offers a heat pump version air conditioner along with a variety of accessory choices such as ceiling assembly options, thermostats and retro-fit kits.

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  1. Advent Analog Furnace Thermostat

    Advent Analog Furnace Thermostat


    The ACTH11 Analog Thermostat is configured to allow connection to and operation of the existing RV furnace.

  2. Advent Air ACDB Distribution Box Service Pack

    Advent Air ACDB Distribution Box Service Pack


    Service pack for the Advent Air ACDB Distribution Box.

  3. Advent 7" Mounting Bolt

    Advent 7" Mounting Bolt


    Advent 7" mounting bolt is for thicker roof applications.

  4. Advent Freeze Control Switch

    Advent Freeze Control Switch


    Shuts your system off and puts it into fan mode when your air conditioner begins to freeze or the evaporator starts to ice up.

  5. Advent Digital Thermostat

    Advent Digital Thermostat


    The ACTH12 Digital Thermostat is attractively packaged with a very small footprint and controls the Advent AC and/or AC/Heat Pump units. The thermostat features user-friendly all-digital communication with a clear, blue LED illuminated screen.

  6. Coleman Adapter Kit

    Coleman Adapter Kit


    With the Advent ACCOLKIT Coleman Adapter Kit, you can easily replace a Coleman air-conditioning unit with an Advent Air.

  7. Advent Rooftop Air-Conditioning Units

    Advent Rooftop Air-Conditioning Units


    Advent's line of RV roof-top air conditioners are available in either a 13,500 BTU or 15,000 BTU output. They are constructed to ensure whisper quiet operation, durability, reliability and are enclosed in a protective and stylish aerodynamically designed shroud (available in either black or white).

  8. Advent Ducted Ceiling Assembly

    Advent Ducted Ceiling Assembly


    The ACRG11 includes the interior Ducted Ceiling Assembly and the ACTH11 analog thermostat.

  9. Advent Air-Conditioning Test Kit

    Advent Air-Conditioning Test Kit


    The ACTF2 diagnostic tool allows for easy testing and troubleshooting of the A/C and Heat Pump functions, saving the dealer A/C tech time and effort.

  10. Advent Start Capacitor

    Advent Start Capacitor


    The Advent ACSCKIT provides the extra boost of power sometimes necessary to start an RV roof top A/C.

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